Golf is a hard sport to master...unless you're a rocket scientist

Roy Taylor has invented a cool golf club powered by gunpowder that helps those who have lost the ability to play to enjoy the game again By Richie Hertzberg | Feb. 23, 2021 Roy H. Taylor was an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Missile and Space before he dreamed up the PowerGolf club, one of the most interesting things you'll ever see on a golf cours...
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2020 PGA Show

The latest version of the PowerGolf club by EGC was a big hit at the PGA golf show in Orlando last month. Hundreds of attendees crowded around our exhibit and learn that there is now a way for everyone to enjoy the game, including the unskilled and physically limited. To learn more about how we are helping individuals enjoy the game and how we are ...
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Introducing PowerGolf

Now Everyone Can Enjoy The Game! The PowerGolf club by EGC is the exciting new way of making golf courses accessible and inclusive for everyone while helping to increase rounds of golf. The PowerGolf club by EGC requires no swing to operate and has already brought many physically limited golfers back to the game. There are still many golfers s...
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