Golf is a hard sport to master...unless you're a rocket scientist

Roy Taylor has invented a cool golf club powered by gunpowder that helps those who have lost the ability to play to enjoy the game again

By Richie Hertzberg | Feb. 23, 2021

Roy H. Taylor was an aerospace engineer at Lockheed Missile and Space before he dreamed up the PowerGolf club, one of the most interesting things you'll ever see on a golf course.

Frustrated with his results on the golf course, Taylor decided to apply rocket science to his game. Working through prototypes, patents and perspiration, Taylor invented the extraordinary PowerGolf club, which allows users to consistently hit perfect shots from 50 yards away, all the way up to 225 yards.

The rocket fuel inside the PowerGolf club is actually gun powder, and the long barrel acts as a silencer to keep the decibels down to a level similar to that of a metal head driver. Users can even use the club to hit high shots, low shots, fades and draws, depending on how they address it at impact.

"There's a lot of skill still left in the game,," explains Steve Fluke, Chief Marketing Officer of PowerGolf. "You have to allow for wind and roll and setting the yardage. So it's PowerGolf but it's not automatic golf.

But what started as a way for Taylor to avoid hitting golf balls into lakes and sand traps has evolved into something much more meaningful — a way to bring total accessibility to a sport in dire need of a shot of inclusivity.

Getting around a tough 18-hole course can be tough on even the strongest of bodies, but for those in a wheelchair, people suffering from joint pain or bad backs, as well as stroke survivors, playing holes can seem out of reach. But the PowerGolf club allows quad-amputee U.S. Army Veterans like Dave Riley to get back on the course and hit a drive 225 yards with his friends.

One PowerGolf club user recovering from back surgery says, "I have so much fun with it that if I got healthy I don't think that I'd give it up and put my driver back in my bag."

"Those that aren't golfers don't understand that when you cannot golf any longer, it's a very traumatic," says Fluke. "But when we can get them back out golfing and back out with their friends and family, back out doing the thing they really love doing, it goes beyond words."

PowerGolf is currently in partnership talks with top golf brands to begin mass producing their product worldwide.


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