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Now Everyone Can Enjoy The Game! 

The PowerGolf club by EGC is the exciting new way of making golf courses accessible and inclusive for everyone while helping to increase rounds of golf. The PowerGolf club by EGC requires no swing to operate and has already brought many physically limited golfers back to the game. There are still many golfers still sidelined due to a wide range of physical issues as well as many non-golfers that would enjoy the game if it wasn't so difficult. Our goal is to help them all enjoy the golfing experience.

The following are a few of the reasons why PowerGolf is a positive addition to your golf facility:

  • PowerGolf provides a Free consulting service to help retain your golfers with physical limitations as well as help attract new golfers to the golf facility.
  • Courses that have a PowerGolf club by EGC on site enjoy many benefits including course promotion on the PowerGolf club by EGC website as a "fully accessible and inclusive" golf facility.
  • The PowerGolf club by EGC now makes the game possible for non-golfers and the physically limited, generating more rounds of golf and overall revenues.
  • The PowerGolf club by EGC can be provided to golfers by rental or as a courtesy club for players with physical issues making the golf course open and accessible to all.
  • Groups and organizations can rent the club for the day and have it used by all participants at a specific hole, making golf events more exciting while generating new revenues.

InvestorsThe PowerGolf club by EGC is gaining popularity and in order to keep up with the demand we are providing the updated information on the status on the PowerGof club by EGC. If you are one of our PowerGolfers, own or manage a golf facility or just looking at a growth-based company to add to your existing portfolio, please feel free to contact our CEO directly, James Barrett, at 800 717-4653.

Sponsor A Vet - Help a physically limited veteran return to the game. By sponsoring an injured Veteran we will provide him or her with a new PowerGolf club by EGC in your name as well as introduce the sponsor to the Veteran you helped. Click the Sponsor a Veteran NOW button. THIS SHOULD LINK TO A CONTACT PAGE AND FORWARD OVER THAT THERE IS AN INQUIRY ON THE SUPPORT A VET SENT IN TO PowerGolf.

Affiliate Program – In order to effectively promote and market the PowerGolf club by EGC by EGC, we have created an independent sales marketing channel available to all individuals, online shops, golf distributors, etc. We are seeking to partner with established industry professionals and provide a unique new product, the PowerGolf club by EGC that is manufactured exclusively by EGC. If interested please contact our business development group at 800 717-4653.

2020 PGA Show

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Guest - Tod deLisle on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 10:56

Love the idea for this club.
Curious to know if it is possible to design a “driver” strip with an increased load to hit the ball 250 yards?

Love the idea for this club. Curious to know if it is possible to design a “driver” strip with an increased load to hit the ball 250 yards?
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Sunday, 11 April 2021
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