The Rules of PowerGolf

PowerGolf has started a whole new era in the golf industry just as the evolution of the horseless carriage becoming the primary means of transportation as it is today. As with the innovation of the automobile, evolving from manual shifting of gears to automatic transmissions, power steering and power brakes, so is golf and the innovation of the ballistic impeller PowerGolf club. This same story could be repeated for nearly every other invention in existence today.

Golf was invented in Scotland in the year of 1457, however based on the way every invention has evolved in the past, golf is no exception and was well overdue for a major change in order to fill the needs of the computer age and changing lifestyle of every human being on planet earth.

The invention of the Ballistic Impeller Golf Club has paved the way ushering in a new generation of golfers requiring less learning time to become proficient. The playing skill is not diminished by use of the ballistic impeller golf club and the PowerGolf club is very accommodating for both the beginner as well as advanced player. Enjoy playing PowerGolf with uncomplicated PowerGolf Rules. Playing PowerGolf means your golf club is Power operated, just as your car is power operated with Power steering and Power brakes. Relax and enjoy.

Fundamentals of the PowerGolf Game:

Rule 1.  The game of PowerGolf:

  • 1-1 The game of PowerGolf is to be played on any length golf course, divided between the Tee to the putting green. 
  • 1-2 The putting green must contain one hole of standard size, capable of holding a removable flag, until the ball is holed out. 
  • 1-3 The golf ball must be the standard size and used to play an entire game.

Rule 2.  Player Conduct:

  • 2.1 Players must act with dignity and integrity at all times during the playing period. The player must show courtesy and respect to other players as well as to the golf course.
  • 2.2 The player must use common sense using the PowerGolf club, observing safety Rules, thereby avoiding self-injury or injury to others.  Just as in conventional golf, PowerGolf shots can travel in excess of 100 MPH.

Rule 3.  Equipment used in PowerGolf:

  • 3.1 The PowerGolf club must only be used with authorized power strips.  Use of any alternative source is strictly forbidden.
  • 3.2  The PowerGolf club must never be fired without striking the ball. 
  • 3.3  Each time the PowerGolf club is fired against the ball it is counted as a stroke. 
  • 3.4 If for any reason the PowerGolf club misfires, the PowerGolfer can reset club and continue play with no penalty and no stroke added to score. 
  • 3.5 The PowerGolf club may be tilted in any position in order to add a spinning dynamic to the ball in order to either fade or draw shots.
  • 3.6 The ball may be hit using a tee on any stroke through the green if the ball comes to rest in the fairway.
  • 3.7 If a ball enters a sand bunker, the ball must be removed from the sand trap and dropped to nearest point of relief no closer to the hole. Player incurs a one stroke penalty.
  • 3.8 Player may not use PowerGolf club to hit shot out of bunker but may use any other standard club.
  • 3.9 Equipment may be shared among players.
  • 3.10 PowerGolf is limited to the use of 7 clubs maximum.

Rule 4.  Water Hazard: 

  • 4.1 If a player’s ball enters a water hazard, player must drop ball from the point where the ball first entered the hazard as far back as preferred keeping that point and the flag in line. One stroke penalty.

Rule 5.  Playing Order:

  • 5.1  The ball furthest from the hole plays first.

Rule 6. Golf Carts:

  • 6.1 Standard Golf Carts are not allowed near the teeing area or putting green unless the cart is certified and approved for that purpose by golf course management

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