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Meet the world’s first automatic golf club that empowers aging or physically limited golfers enjoy the game again… without the pain of swinging the club.

No more sidelining, no half-hearted drives, no excuses.

Tee up and let ‘em see… This game’s not over. It’s getting a reboot with a stroke of genius: The Power2Golf Club.

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Is it time to get back in the game?

Are you ready to be the envy at every tee box, making shots that leave mouths hanging?

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Empowering the World to Golf

There are more than 6 million golfers unable to play because of age-related or physical conditions. These golfers want to be playing… and can’t.

Power2Golf sees a future where no golfer is left on the sidelines.

For us, it’s bigger than just delivering you an exceptional product. It's about embodying beliefs bring sidelined golfers to the fairways. Our beliefs are our guiding principles that dictate our actions, decisions, and values.

It’s the core of Power2Golf.

It’s who we are.

And that’s why we want you to know exactly what the Power2Golf team believes.

What We Believe >>

Rocket Science

Rocket Science

High precision design by a former aerospace engineer.

Premium Materials

Premium Materials

Proudly made in the USA using the highest quality materials.

Range Control Device

Range Control Device

You control the distance, from 50 to over 200 yards, no swing required.

Safety First

Safety First

Built in dual-trigger safety.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use


Fun for All Ages

Fun for All Ages

Now everyone can enjoy the game!

The World's First. The World's Only.

In Action

In Action

Watch from our catalogue of videos to demonstrate everything you'll need to know about the Power2Golf Club.

How it's Built

How it's Built

Yes, it took a NASA Engineer to perfect this one! Learn how Golf meets Rocket Science to birth the club for a new generation.

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Read Our Blog

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Get Yours Today

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What People Are Saying

Power2Golf is celebrated by golfers worldwide for bringing sidelined golfers back on the fairways, and allowing them to return to or discover the game they love.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say…

Very Effective

“The Power2Golf Club is an effective way we have found to offer golfing to players physically unable to enjoy our course”.

Don DeLorenzo – Manager Gilroy and Gavilan golf courses

Change A Person's Life

“By placing the Power2Golf Club in a person’s hands, we place them back in the foursome where they want to be. Golf is more than a game. Golf brings people together.”

Don Rea, PGA National Executive Committee Member and owner Augusta Ranch GC

Enjoing The Game Again

“Getting back out on the golf course again after 20 years has been a godsend to me. After suffering a stroke and experiencing limited mobility, I can now enjoy the game again. Thanks Power2Golf!”

Ted Faravelli, Mountain View, CA

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