Like many companies, Power2Golf started from a humble beginning in a garage. Roy H. Taylor was a retired aerospace engineer for Lockheed Missile & Space Company and worked on many exciting projects, for NASA and Air Force jet propulsion-related programs.

One day, while out on the golf course with a friend from Cape Canaveral, Roy found himself growing frustrated with his performance, suddenly the idea struck Roy liken to a “Flash of light” the invention was born, hence yielding multi-utility patents, leading to the current patented automatic Power2Golf club. Steve Fluke came on board turning Roy’s invention into a serious business. James is a successful Silicon Valley based attorney focused on the patent related work and Steve is a former PGA club professional and businessman with an extensive background in start-ups.

Story Driver

Power2Golf Club (no swing required)

The world’s first automatic Power Golf Club is empowering people around the world to get back in the game. The patented Power2Golf club is a full set of clubs in one and includes yardage control to adjust the distance and propel golf shots from 50 up to 225 yards.

  • The patented Power2Golf Club lets you control the distance.
  • Propel golf balls from 50 to over 200 yards.
  • No swing required. Just Ready-Aim-Fire. Game On.


  • One Power2Golf Club.
  • One Protective Golf Club Head Cover.
  • Three Play Power Packs good for three 18-hole rounds of golf.
  • Club cleaner and instructions.

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Power2Golf Club
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