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What you probably already know is: While golf has started to attract some younger players, the median golfer age in the U.S. is 54.

What you might not know is that there are over 6 million golfers unable to participate in the sport because of age-related or physical conditions. These golfers want to be playing… and can’t.

The decline in membership due to golfers aging out or facing physical issues represents a surface level challenge. Delving deeper, this reduction in membership not only affects the immediate revenue but also impacts your club's community and vibrancy.

Think about it…

It can lead to fewer social events and tournaments, reducing engagement among remaining members and diminishing the overall sense of community. Furthermore, a decline in active participants can deter potential new members who are looking for a lively and engaging golfing community.

In essence, the issue of losing members extends beyond financial implications, striking at the heart of the club's culture and its ability to attract and retain a diverse and active membership base.

By reintroducing sidelined golfers to the game, Power2Golf can help you recover lost revenue and revitalize your club's atmosphere and inclusivity, thereby enhancing its appeal to both existing and prospective members.

The Power2Golf Club is revolutionizing the way we think about golf by enabling those who are aging or physically limited to enjoy golf again… without the pain of a traditional swing.

As you read this page, thousands of golfers have already returned to the fairways. 

And… There are still more than 6 million golfers sidelined due to various physical conditions. Our mission is to help every one of these people reexperience the joy of golfing. Because you’re here now, we’d love to help you draw some of them back to your facility.

We offer free Power2Golf registration to all golf courses ready to make your facility even more accessible and enjoyable.

By now, you might be wondering how you can register your course. If so, pick up the phone right now and call (650) 309-7917. There won’t be any frustrating menus to navigate before you get all your questions answered.

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few more reasons why you might consider including Power2Golf at your golf facility:

  • With Power2Golf’s free consulting service, your facility can increase loyalty, membership, and overall revenue by retaining aging golfers, golfers with physical limitations, and by attracting new golfers.
  • Position your course as a "fully accessible and inclusive" facility, and set your course apart from competitors. Additionally, we will showcase your course on the Power2Golf Club website as a "fully accessible and inclusive" venue, further enhancing your visibility and appeal.
  • Broadening the appeal of golf and attract non-golfers and encourage them to enjoy the game by offering the easy-to-use Power2Golf club.
  • Discover how to create a new revenue stream for your facility by offering an inclusive, cutting-edge golfing option that appeals to both traditional golfers and newcomers to the sport. Rent the Power2Golf Club either as a standalone option or as an addition to standard golf set rentals, providing flexibility for players.
  • Event coordinators leverage the Power2Golf club to boost event participation, making golf more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.
  • Introduce variety and fun to the game with new, exciting hole contests using the Power2Golf Club.
  • Use the Power2Golf Club as a helpful resource for beginners, aiding in their learning process and contributing to faster play as they gain skills.
  • Offering the Power2Golf Club as a courtesy to members and guests with physical challenges not only enriches their experience – It boosts your facility's image as a caring, inclusive community, potentially increasing member satisfaction and referrals.
  • Groups and organizations can rent the club for use during events at a specific hole, adding excitement and offering another avenue for revenue generation.
  • Is your course adhering to ADA and EDI guidelines for accessibility and inclusion? Power2Golf is the simple, straightforward, and cost-effective solution.

Now you probably realize you have more resources than ever before.

While it’s fresh on your mind, pick up the phone and call (650) 309-7917 now to get all your questions answered before you decide to include Power2Golf at your golf facility.


Power2Golf is endorsed by the following leaders in the golf business community.

Steve Mona, Past President, CEO World Golf Foundation
Dennis Walters – Member, World Golf Hall of Fame
MG Orender – Former President, PGA of America. CEO Hampton Golf Management
Tom Freestone – PGA member, Director of Golf Operations, Ocean Course, Hokuala, Lihue, HI
Don DeLorenzo – GM, Gilroy Golf Club
Jeff Piserchio – PGA Member, Blackberry Farms Golf Club
Don Rea – PGA of America, Vice-President, Owner, Augusta Ranch G.C.
Chris White – Owner, Fenton Farms Golf Course
Jim Collins – Director of Golf, Diablo CC
Bob Burns – PGA Life Member

Power2Golf has positively affected the golf industry by helping many golfers get back into the game. These golfers face various challenges, including serious back, neck, and shoulder problems, as well as conditions like strokes, ALS, MS, Cerebral Palsy, and other significant health events.

Below are a few testimonials from leaders in the golf business community and from owners of Power2Golf Club.

“I was skeptical”

“When I first heard of the Power2Golf Club I have to admit, as a traditionalist, I was quite skeptical.

“However, after trying it, and learning of their mission statement of enabling those with a disability to have a, “Golf Experience”, I’m all for that.

“Now, even those with the severest disabilities can experience the joy golf can bring to one’s life. That my friends is something so special.”

Dennis Walters
Member, World Golf Hall of Fame

“If one of our golfers, 100-year-old Annie VanLeuven can use the Power2Golf Club, anyone can.”

– Chris White
Owner, Fenton Farms

“The Power2Golf Club is an effective way we have found to offer golfing to players physically unable to enjoy our courses.”

– Don DeLorenzo
Manager Gilroy and Gavilan golf courses

“Pleased to see the innovation”

“The Power2Golf Club provides a path to golf for many golfers who have experienced a life-altering occurrence, and now find themselves without the capability to play golf.

“I am pleased to see the innovation in the Power2Golf Club which has enabled many to enjoy golf in the US and around the world.”

– Steve Mona
Past President, CEO World Golf Foundation

“[M]any success stories with Power2Golf”

“We have had many success stories with Power2Golf, including helping those physically challenged, providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the golfing experience making our golf facility inclusive for everyone.”

– Tom Freestone
PGA Golf Professional, Makai Golf Club

“Power2Golf… can change a person’s life”

“By placing the Power2Golf Club in a person’s hands, we place them back in the foursome where they want to be.

“Golf is more than a game. Golf brings people together.

“The Power2Golf Club can change a person’s life. We have seen it happen.”

– Don Rea
PGA National Executive Committee Member and owner Augusta Ranch GC

We look forward to featuring your endorsement soon.

Pick up the phone and call (650) 309-7917 now to get all your questions answered before you decide to include Power2Golf at your golf facility.

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