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Free PowerGolf registration available to all golf courses. Make your course fully accessible and enjoyable for everyone of the community through the PowerGolf club technology. Ask about our free consultation to help retain golfers and as well as gain new golfers or members.

PowerGolf Club

Empowering everyone to golf by making the game possible and enjoyable for all!

The PowerGolf Club by is the exciting new way of making golf courses accessible and inclusive for everyone while helping to increase rounds of golf. The PowerGolf club requires no swing to operate and has already brought hundreds of physically limited golfers back to the game. There are still millions of golfers still sidelined due to a wide range of physical issues as well as unskilled that would enjoy the game and our goal is to help all of them enjoy the golfing experience.  

Here are some of the reasons why PowerGolf is a positive addition to your golf facility:

  • PowerGolf provides a Free consulting service to help retain your golfers with physical Limitations and non-golfers
  • Courses with a PowerGolf club available enjoy many benefits including promoting of course on the PowerGolf club website as a “fully accessible and inclusive” golf facility.
  • The PowerGolf club opens up courses to both golfers and non-golfers and rented by individuals, just like standard set rentals, generating a new source of revenues.
  • The PowerGolf club can be provided as a courtesy club for members and guests with physical issues making the experience at your property a memorable one for all.
  • Groups and organizations can rent the club for the day and have it used by all participants at a specific hole, making golf events more exciting while generating new revenues.

Empowering everyone to golf by making the game possible and enjoyable for all! For more information and to register your course call (800) 717-4653.

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PowerGolf Club
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