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Power2Golf Club Testimonials

The following is a list of golf industry leaders, professionals and golfers who endorse the Power2Golf Club technology and the work that continues to be done to make the game accessible and inclusive for all.

Steve Mona, Past President, CEO World Golf Foundation
Dennis Walters – Member, World Golf Hall of Fame
MG Orender – Former President, PGA of America. CEO Hampton Golf Management
Tom Freestone – PGA Member, Makai Golf Club
Don DeLorenzo – GM, Gilroy Golf Club
Jeff Piserchio – PGA Member, Blackberry Farms Golf Club
Don Rea, PGA National Executive Committee Member, owner, Augusta Ranch GC
Chris White – Owner, Fenton Farms Golf Course
Jim Collins – PGA Member, Makai Golf Club
Bob Burns – PGA Life Member

Power2Golf has made a positive impact on the golf industry helping a large and growing number of golfers return to the game. These individuals have a range of challenges from acute back, neck and shoulder issues, to stroke survivors, to those afflicted by ALS, MS, Cerebral Palsy and many other life changing events. Here are a few comments from some of the leaders of the golf business community as well as from Power2Golf Club themselves.

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What they are saying...

Steve Mona, Past President, CEO World Golf Foundation – The Power2Golf Club provides a path to golf for many golfers who have experienced a life altering occurrence, and now find themselves without the capability to play golf. I am pleased to see the innovation in the Power2Golf Club which has enabled many to enjoy golf in the US and around the world.

Dennis Walters – Member, World Golf Hall of Fame – When I first heard of the Power2Golf Club I have to admit, as a traditionalist, I was quite skeptical. However, after trying it, and learning of their mission statement of enabling those with a disability to have a, “Golf Experience”, I’m all for that. Now, even those with the severest disabilities can experience the joy golf can bring to one’s life. That my friends is something so special.

Tom Freestone, PGA Golf Professional, Makai Golf Club – “We have had many success stories with Power2Golf, including helping those physically challenged, providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the golfing experience making our golf facility inclusive for everyone”.

Don DeLorenzo – Manager Gilroy and Gavilan golf courses - “The Power2Golf Club is an effective way we have found to offer golfing to players physically unable to enjoy our courses”.

Jeff Piserchio, PGA Class A, Blackberry Farm GC – “I applaud your efforts in creating this technology that has helped so many continue to enjoy golfing and we welcome Power2Golf at Blackberry Farm GC”.

Don Rea, PGA National Executive Committee Member and owner Augusta Ranch GC - “By placing the Power2Golf Club in a person’s hands, we place them back in the foursome where they want to be. Golf is more than a game. Golf brings people together. The Power2Golf Club can change a person’s life. We have seen it happen.

Chris White, Owner Fenton Farms - “If one of our golfers, 100 year old Annie VanLeuven can use the Power2Golf Club, anyone can”.

Tim Finnell, Power2Golf customer - Hit balls yesterday and played today at TPC Southwind – home of The World Golf Championship next year. It was a blast! Great to get out after 3 years of not being able to play due to injuries.

Gordon Sheepbouwer, Power2Golf customer, My Son tagged me on Facebook with your add. He said Dad you should look at this maybe we could play golf again, three weeks ago I tore my bicep tendon off my right shoulder. I have had two previous Rotator repairs, don’t think they can repair it again, so if anybody needs this club it would be me, I just love golf thanks to Power2Golf for making this club. HAPPY GOLFER Gordon Scheepbouwer.

David Shaffer, Golfer - I think Power2Golf is a great concept and is perfectly suited for golfers who are physically limited. As we always discussed, any day on the golf course is a good day and it allows a golfer who otherwise could not play golf to play golf and get back on the course with friends and family. Participate and enjoy the game. What could be better than that.

Sandy Baer, Power2Golf customer – I was an avid golfer for many years but then developed wrist issues and was in severe pain when I played golf and was forced to quit the game. I learned of the Power2Golf Club and ordered it and now happily back enjoying the game again.

Calvin Casey, Power2Golf customer - I’m 27 and have Cerebral Palsy. After receiving my Power2Golf Club I was able to play golf for the first time ever. That’s a feeling that’s really hard to describe. Thank you Power2Golf, you’ve opened the door for me with your amazing club.

Michael Matanky, Power2Golf customer - The Power2Golf Club makes it possible for me to not feel worn out after the round so I don’t have the recuperation time as I use to and in turn can play golf more often. I feel better about the whole experience.

Kevin Thompson, Power2Golf customer – I suffer from ALS and the Power2Golf Club has enabled me to enjoy golfing again and bring the love of the game back into my life.

Russ Miller, Power2Golf customer - I had a back injury and 4 level fusion which caused me to quit golf for 5 years until I found the Power2Golf Club. Since that time, I play at least once a week and sometimes twice. It allowed be to get back out on the course and interact with friends and neighbors who play golf.

Randy Kenniston, Power2Golf customer – I loved golfing but developed a physical disability and the Power2Golf Club has helped me return to golfing again. I enjoy seeing the flight of the ball and golfing at all of my favorite courses just as I did in the past.

Jon Kramer, Power2Golf customer -The Power2Golf Club has brought great joy to my life and enables me a play golf with my wife due to a serious back issue.

David Riley, Power2Golfer and wounded Veteran quad amputee – I learned of the Power2Golf Club at the annual TEE Tournament last Summer and as an amputee it enabled me to get back out golfing with fellow veterans. I applaud the work that the Power2Golf group is doing to make golfing accessible for everyone.

Jerry Kucheran - The Club really made golf fun again. I am 76 years old with Parkinson's and I am hitting from the Whites again with son and his father-in-law. In my bag I only have the Power Club, 7, 9, pitching wedge irons and putter. I use the club just for teeing off and on the par 5's and long par 4's. I sure attract an audience on the first tee and having just did a fairway shot, heard from behind me from a cart coming from adjoining fairway, " I'm telling you I didn't see him swing" LOL. Can't wait to use it this spring.

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