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Is the Power2Golf Club easy to use?

Yes, simply follow the instructions that come with the club and/or view the instructional video on our website.

How far can I hit a golf ball using the Power2Golf Club?

The Power2Golf Club can cover distances ranging from 50 to 225 yards, including every yardage in between.

Is there a warranty?

Your Power2Golf Club includes a free 90-day warranty covering parts and labor.

You may also purchase extended warranties for 1, 2, and 3 years at the time of purchase.

How do I order power strips and other supplies for my Power2Golf Club?

You can order Power2Golf supplies at the same time as the club by enrolling in a monthly or bi-monthly automatic ordering service, which offers a 20% discount. You have the flexibility to adjust the quantity of your shipments and can cancel the service anytime.

Who do I call if I have a question or concern regarding my Power2Golf Club?

Please call our Experts at (650) 309-7917.

How can I increase distance?

To increase distance, position the clubface slightly further away from the ball, but ensure it's no more than 1 inch away. Another method is to press the clubhead into the ground before initiating your shot.

How do I clean my Power2Golf Club?

The Power2Golf club needs cleaning after every 20-30 shots. To clean the striker and remove afterburn residue, only use Ballistol cleaner. Ballistol also helps lubricate the striker to prevent early wear and ensuring your Power2Golf Club remains in top condition for many years.

You can also use Ballistol spray inside the chamber (where the power strip is inserted) and between the two grips. The rest of the club can be cleaned with a damp towel.


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